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Wow, you must be bored or trying to check me out before doing business. Either way, I'll try to give you some of what you're looking for. If you have any additional questions, please contact me at: tony_manion@hotmail.com

It all started on a fine day back in 1994 (vision blurring, image appearing - This was not the beginning, but it was a beginning...) I got addicted to MTG that summer with the rest of the local gaming group. It was my house, Saturday night, and out came the Magic. Two guys had bought a Revised Starter deck and two Revised Booster packs. They played a little and within the hour had the rest of us hooked. I bought the same at a local store [Middle GA Cards & Comics, Macon, GA] and brought them out for the Sunday gaming session. Needless to say, we skipped AD&D that night and opted for MTG instead. I made my first and probably only RAPE trade - I traded my Cockatrice for his Rod of Ruin! In Macon, only James Braswell would knowingly do such a thing... He retained the title of doing the same with many others... I learned to check the value before making any trade! The first wave of Revised dried up in Middle GA, the first cards any of us saw! The first wave of The Dark was released, not a box hit Middle GA!

At another local store [Komix Kastle, Warner Robins, GA], I saw an index card with a Revised set for sale AT $700!!! I was stunned and knew I needed to get involved (to get a piece of the action). I traded a slew of hot comic books [Platt Moon Knight's, Jim Lee autographs, Todd McFarlane autographs and the like] for 5 boxes of Revised. With these comic trades and a little card trading, I had the set complete within two weeks. I posted a similar index card for $650 - After a week, lowered to $600 - After two more, lowered to $550 - without ever selling. All the extra cards gave me quite a stock to create decks with! The favorite was the "Flame On" deck, including: 3 Sol Rings, 5 Fireballs, 2 Forks, and 2 Wheel of Fortunes with around 35 cards. With college at GA Tech, came "Tournament Rules", "Deckbuilding 101", "Killer Dave [Mimm]" and ...

I ran across a Magic: The Gathering newsgroup, with prices SO CHEAP I had to BUY! Up to this point, I avoided paying cash for cards, opting to trade only. I struck a deal with William Kinkella [BC Canada] on some AN Rukh Eggs and other AN commons, 'knowing' I'd get ripped off! The total was $20 and took the chance. I didn't get ripped and after that, cash was just another option. As most people would sell for less than a trade amount, I began to buy/sell/trade through multiple markets to my favor - 'triangle trade' between college, hometown events, local tournaments, and online. At the same time, I bought every good deal I found and had quite the 'cardboard-empire' at any given time! I never made a profit, always turning greenbacks into say... whitebacks :)

The empire scaled to dealing internationally on a daily basis - back before the web, where newsgroups & e-mail references were the norm. Hundreds and thousands of deals later, I established quite a reference list and solid reputation as a "good guy". I can proudly say that I've never had a bad reference or ended a deal without making one smile. Things have changed since '94, the MTG market, the rules (only 187+ times), the combos, and definitely the cards. My e-mail address and hair-line have changed a couple times along with the above. I still love it and happy to get back in the saddle after some time in the shade!

Oh, and I still have the Revised set that started it all if anyone is interested... :)

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